MINSK X 250 is an entry-level enduro motorcycle, an improvement on its predecessor, MINSK X 200. The bike is stylish and aggressive, having a traditional design for its purpose,but with modern trends in mind. MINSK X 250 is ideal for both dirt track riding and touring,because it lets you choose and boldly take on all kinds of terrain. MINSK X 250 differs from the previous model by the powerful 16- horsepower engine with a capacity of 225 cc, which meets the rider’s needs on asphalt and in its element — off-road. The engine is reliably protected from the impacts of rocks and obstacles with strong covers, and the rider’s hands are protected by plastic shields on the handlebars with aluminum inserts. A shield on the headlight is fixed using rubber spacers, which protect it from premature breakage and loosening. Disc brakes and abrasionresistant “knobby” tires provide for effective braking and maintain stability on any surface. The main advantage of MINSK X 250 is the ability to ride dynamically and confidently on off-road of any complexity, getting a lot of adrenaline, drive and positive emotions. The bike can be converted for city use and be a stylish motard as well.

Features X 250
  • The air-cooled carburetor engine offers reliability, easy maintenance and very low spare part costs. The four-stroke engine with good torque ensures confident off-road and uphill travel without loss of traction.
  • Modern LED optics, an electronic speedometer and a USB port for charging mobile devices.
  • The plastic surrounds of the headlight and turn signals are fixed using special rubber mounts to prevent breakage. Engine and arm guards are also available.
  • Upright and high landing, soft and comfortable seat and comfortable wide handlebar grip. A reinforced inverted front fork.
  • The muffler combines compact size and sporty look, providing a balance between power,torque and economy.
  • In case of relaxed driving in urban conditions,fuel consumption will not exceed 2.8 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers.