More than 6.5 million motorcycles produced since 1951
Traditions embodied in modern classics
The production of motorcycles in Minsk traces its history back to 1951. It was the year when the first model of the motorcycle, which later became a legend, was produced. The prototype was the German model DKW RT125, which had been in the arsenal of the Wehrmacht since 1941. The allies decided that any plant that supplied arms to the Wehrmacht had to be eliminated. Therefore, as compensation for damage to the national economy of the USSR, the technical documentation and equipment from the DKW plant in Zschopau were brought to Minsk. The fact that by 1950 eight plants in seven countries were producing copies of this German model, including such prominent companies as BSA, Harley-Davidson, Royal Enfield and Yamaha, indicates that the choice of the prototype was the right one.

During the first year of the brand’s existence, more than 3,000 motorcycles were sold, and the following year saw the sales almost double. MINSK motorcycles were rapidly gaining popularity on the world market. By 1967, over 1 million motorcycles had been sold. Long service life, good maintainability and a high cross-country performance — these are the qualities which were key to the success of MINSK motorcycles both in our country and abroad.

Simple motorcycles are appreciated wherever people need low-cost vehicles. This is confirmed by the geography of exports: from Brazil to Egypt, and from Cuba to Mongolia. Our motorcycles found their niche even in European countries such as the UK, Germany, France or Czech Republic. And in Vietnam, even a fan club of MINSK motorcycles was created and numerous owners’ meetings were held.

The motorcycle rallies on MINSK motorcycles, including Minsk — Pamir, Brest — Vladivostok, as well as Minsk — Dushanbe, organized jointly with the CSTO, became iconic ones. Racers on MINSK motorcycles regularly take part in sports events in such disciplines as motocross, enduro, motoball, and even motorcycle multi-discipline events. And in 2013, the brand received the People’s Choice Brand award for the first time. Over the 70 years of the company’s existence, more than 6.5 million motorcycles have been sold. And this number is not final, since MINSK motorcycles continue to be popular among motor enthusiasts around the world.

Today the production site of MINSK motorcycles is the largest one in Eastern Europe. In recent years, the range of motorcycles has significantly expanded — new models of motorcycles and scooters are introduced every year. The models are created using modern technologies and in cooperation with global motorcycle manufacturers.

Film on the history of motorcycles "MINSK"

The documentary film "Boys' Dream" was created on the order of the Broadcasting Organization of the Union State (TRO Union).

In Soviet times, many boys dreamed of a motorcycle. Of the motorcycles produced in the USSR, the most massive and available was the legendary "MINSK", affectionately called "macaque". In the 60 years since the launch of the first M1A model, more than 6 million motorcycles have been shipped to 45 countries. Simplicity of construction and maximum reliability made the "MINSK" motorcycle legendary. The film tells about the history of the creation of one of the symbols of the Soviet era, the secret of the unbelievable polarity of motorcycles of the Minsk factory and what unites fans of this brand in Belarus and Russia.

Documentary Boys' Dream