MINSK Vesna 50 and 125 city scooters combine impeccable vintage style, excellent dynamics and riding comfort necessary for a busy city life. The exterior of this model refers to the legendary Italian scooters, whose classic and unusual appearance has been setting the design trends for many years and is still in fashion. The comfort of the MINSK Vesna model is ensured by a modern seat made of high-quality materials, a rear suspension with two shock absorbers,a proven combination of front disc and rear drum brakes,as well as convenient adjustable rear-view mirrors. The dynamic characteristics of the engine in combination with small dimensions and weight of the scooter guarantee excellent acceleration characteristics,high maneuverability in a city traffic flow and low fuel appetite. Compact and handy, it is great for travel and in the metropolitan area and rides outside it. With Vesna scooters,the romance and drive of the last century return to the roads of our time,gaining recognition and approval of both the younger generation and adult fashion lovers. MINSK Vesna is not just a scooter, it is style, drive, practicality, and a way of life!

Features Vesna 50/125
  • Equipped with a 4-stroke, single-cylinder, carburetor engine. This type of engine is known for its reliability, low fuel quality standards and simple design.The engine volume is enough for a relaxed ride around town and for dynamic starts from traffic lights.
  • With its 6-liter fuel tank and low fuel consumption, you’ll rarely have to think about refueling. A spacious seat with a ribbed surface is made of non-slip and wearresistant material.
  • The handlebar features a retro-style dashboard that displays the necessary parameters in a convenient format. The lights, turns and electric starter control buttons are ergonomically positioned.
  • The trunk takes up all the space under the seat and accommodates a helmet or other necessary items. The glove compartment has a USB port for charging a cell phone or other devices, which is a big plus in today’s urban environment.
  • The front suspension is made in the form of a telescopic fork, which provides comfort and smooth running, and, at the same time, the excellent cushioning of bumps. The rear suspension consists of twoshock absorber-springs with a fine-tuned damping
  • The LED tail lights with turn signals and halogen headlights ensure excellent visibility at all times.