The lightweight, maneuverable MINSK SCR 250 Scrambler with Japanese SHOWA suspensions is as confident in city traffic as it is on rough terrain, in the dirt and mud. It contains no superfluous details and fancy elements. MINSK Scrambler has a cheerful and daring character. In urban traffic, the bike confidently rushes off the traffic lights thanks to short gearing and low weight — a fully loaded motorcycle weighs only 142 kg. SCR 250 performs quite well on the highway as well, maintaining the cruising speed of 90 km/h quite confidently without vibration and rattling.

Compact, lean and eye-catching, it has earned the recognition of motorcyclists because of the original, bright and memorable design, which fits perfectly with the modern fashion trends. At the same time,it fully justifies its universal purpose.

Features of SCR 250
  • The birdcage frame not only provides a high level of rigidity, but is also a striking stylistic accent,emphasizing the bike’s brutal image.
  • Responsive disc brakes are on two axles of the bike, a two-piston caliper in the front,and a single-piston one – in the rear.
  • The bike’s design features a minimum of plastic, with most parts made of steel or untreated aluminum.
  • Tires with an aggressive tread pattern – the base version has Cordial tires on spoke wheels with all-weather tread. The tires cling well to the ground and perform well on asphalt.
  • The dashboard features an electronic speedometer and a pointer tachometer, the screen also displays the fuel level, the mileage and the enabled gear.It also has an indicator of turn signals and a USB port.
  • A wide, embossed leather seat brings maximum enjoyment on all types of roads.There is a comfortable handle for the passenger.
  • The exhaust system is made of variable-profile stainless tubing segments. Argon-arc welding with distinctive marks on the metal is an essential element of the bike’s aesthetics.
  • Bright LED headlight and LED optics.