The appearance of the MINSK Goose 400 speaks about its purpose – the high windshield, the sharp “beak” of the front fender under the headlight, the confident upright seating position and the spoked wheels promise a comfortable ride both on the highways and on all kinds of off-road terrain. The bike’s suspension is designed for off-road operation, but will not be felt as too soft on smooth asphalt. The engine is singlecylinder, four-valve, with a dual camshaft, air-oil cooling and a 5-gear transmission. The power system uses a carburetor. This decision is dictated by lower cost compared with the injector power system, a simpler design and greater maintainability. The engine power is 27.3 hp, with an impressive torque of 32.5 N·m at 5,000 rpm, allowing to reach a speed of up to 120 km/h. The air and oil cooling system of the engine is implemented using the front of the frame as a radiator. This helped to eliminate unnecessary parts and components, and hence the possibility of damage.

Features Goose 400
  • The dashboard is electronic and equipped with all the necessary indicators: tachometer, speedometer, daily mileage counter, display of gear engaged, fuel level gauge and clock. A USB charging port is also located in the same unit. The air choke control handle (suction valve) is located on the handlebar
  • The engine is air-oil cooled. But there is no oil radiator as such, and oil is cooled in the front part of the frame. The oil filler neck and dipstick are on top. You can check the level sitting on the bike. The lubrication system is dry-sump.
  • The 15-liter fuel tank is metal, which makes it possible to attach a bag on a magnet.
  • The wide windshield has a cross support metal bracket to minimize vibration while riding.The windshield can easily be removed if needed.
  • Hand and engine protection and luggage system mounting frames are included.
  • CHOHO 520SX gland chain.