MINSK Hunter 150 / Ranger 200 models are designed primarily for use in forestry. They have high cross-country performance due to increased suspension travel, and the layout makes it possible to install a rear tire with a wider tread. A specific feature of these models are their multiple attachments: a larger rear box, side and front boxes, protective bars, headlight guards, and hand guards. The wheels are spoked, which allows to increase the strength and resistance to external shock.On uneven and hard surfaces, they perform better than alloy wheels. The motorcycles are equipped with a large 15-liter fuel tank. These models stand out for their low-cost maintenance, performance,and high-capacity boxes.

Features Hunter 150 /Ranger 200
  • MINSK Hunter 150 / Ranger 200 are available in four colors and feature a classic, functional design. These models are equipped with a high and low beam headlight,reflectors and a large brake light.
  • This is a real workhorse with a good margin of safety for hard day-to-day work.The wheel diameter is 18 inches.Tires with large spikes make it easier to overcome obstacles and ride confidently off-road.
  • A big metal tank makes it possible to ride long distances without worrying about the presence of gas stations. The bike is equipped with a speedometer with an electronic gear shift sensor and a tachometer.The front and rear brakes are drum, easy to adjust. If necessary,they can be readjusted even in field conditions.
  • The rear suspension includes 2 reliable shock absorbers. The handle bar of regular diameter with low rise is protected by a special metal arch from damages in case the motorcycle falls. The handlebar also features a suction valve, allowing to start the bike without getting up from the seat.
  • These bikes are equipped with carburetors and single-cylinder fourstroke engines with a long service life and quiet operation due to the balancing shaft. The manual transmission has 5 gears. Both the electric starter and the kickstarter can be used to start the engine.
  • These models are multifunctional transformers — if necessary,it is easy to increase the payload area. A rack with a cargo holder is located on the handlebar. There is also a large rack in the rear part,and special extensions for carrying loads are installed above the footpegs.