MINSK D4 125 is a simple, affordable and fuel-efficient motorcycle with a modern, balanced design, made for all kinds of road conditions. Thanks to its low weight, good balance and ease of steering, it is suitable for beginners. The bike’s minimalist design is aligned with the previous generations of MINSK motorcycles, but has modern stylistic touches as well. The bike’s main features are reliability, durability, and low-cost maintenance.

MINSK D4 125 makes it easy for a beginner to learn how to drive and operate the motorcycle. Beginner riders will be able to carry out basic repair and maintenance work themselves, thanks to the bike’s simple design.

Features of D4 125
  • The design is urban, neat, no-frills, but has all the necessary gauges and controls. The wide handle bar has a clear and informative dashboard with a speedometer.
  • The soft long travel suspension is made in the form of a telescopic fork and swingarm with two shock absorbers. The front brakes are hydraulically actuated disc brakes, and the rear brakes are drum brakes — a classic, time-tested solution for maintenance-friendly motorcycles assembled in Minsk.
  • The bike is equipped with a classic round headlight and taillight, and the turn signals are mounted on flexible spacers, which protects them from breakage in case of a fall. The riding position is upright and comfortable, and the seat is made of non-slip material.

  • Spoked wheels on stylish chrome rims not only determine the bike’s classic appearance, but also have an important function — they are easy to correct and adjust in case of an accidental encounter with a bump on the roadway.
  • The carburetor engine is fuel-saving, easy to service and reliable in operation. Fuel consumption is low, at 2.5 liters per 100 km on the highway. The motorcycle is assembled on a light pressed tube frame, which additionally reduces its weight.
  • Ground clearance is 210 mm, which allows to overcome all kinds of obstacles, potholes and bumps on the roads, and ride not only on asphalt, but also on the countryside or forest paths, as well as on a light off-road.