MINSK C4 300 is a new stylish classic road bike. It has all the features of a powerful city bike, necessary for a comfortable ride both in the city and on the highway. C4 300 is equipped with a reliable gas engine with air and oil cooling. Its capacity is 282.7 cubic centimeters, power – 28.5 hp. The maximum speed is more than 130 km/h. It is quite enough for a feeling of speed and confidence on the road. The tank capacity is 18 liters, which will allow you to travel long distances without refueling.

The engine is built into a steel duplex frame. C4 300 is fitted with a telescopic inverted fork with a large leg diameter and increased travel. The rear suspension is a steel swingarm and mono shock absorber with stiffness adjustment. MINSK C4 300 is equipped with a full set of LED lights. The headlight, composed of a large number of LED elements, not only emits a lot of light, but also looks spectacular. Thanks to its affordable price and ease of steering, it is an excellent choice both for beginners and experienced motorcycle enthusiasts alike.

Features of С4 300
  • Small dimensions – the width of the motorcycle is only 78 cm.Thanks to this, the C4 300 cuts through traffic jams perfectly and remains maneuverable and easy to steer in city traffic.
  • A large gas tank capacity and low fuel consumption allows you to ride for a long time without thinking about refueling.
  • The rear suspension adjustment makes it possible to configure the bike for any road surface and riding style.
  • The absence of fragile plastic and windshield minimizes damage from potential falls.
  • Sufficient power for fast start from traffic lights and the ability to take over the cars in the traffic flow.
  • The air and oil cooling system prevents the engine from overheating in all operating modes, which is especially important on hot summer days.
  • Soft corrugated seat,comfortable footpegs and passenger handles are suitable for comfortable daily riding over any distances.
  • The front and rear brakes are disc brakes.Responsiveness and tenacity of brakes reduces the risk of possible accidents,makes driving in the city rhythm more comfortable and lets the beginners make their mistakes without any serious consequences.
  • The informative electronic dashboard makes getting used to the motorcycle controls quick and easy.