MINSK C4 250 is a representative of everyday two-wheeled transport, which can be used for moving around the city, on the highways and in the countryside. The bike is equipped with a fourstroke engine with a 15.5 hp capacity, which provides a fairly fast acceleration and a dynamic ride. C4 250 is equipped with a fivespeed transmission and an informative dashboard. This model is a typical “city dweller”, as evidenced by its high maneuverability and moderate top speed.C4 250 is simply perfect for the crowded city highways. Its low center of gravity and deep seating allow the driver to promptly change direction and choose the steepest turns without losing balance,even at low revs.

Features of С4 250
  • The 250 cc, 4-stroke carburetor engine delivers 15.5 hp at 7,000 rpm. The single-cylinder engine block is perfectly air-cooled and lightens the overall design of the motorcycle.
  • The wide rear tire, highway tyres, as well as the low center of gravity add stability and good traction to the bike.
  • C4 250’s dashboard has all the gauges you need, combining a speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, gear and turn indicators, high and low beam indicators.
  • The handlebar is connected to the telescopic fork and can be adjusted to a comfortable riding position.
  • A large, multi-reflector headlight goes well with the new design and features a wide beam of light, allowing you to cruise at night with confidence. Stylish turn signals match the modern look of the motorcycle.