After World War II the documentation and equipment of the German DKW factory in Zschopau were taken to the USSR as war reparations. Production of the RT125 model began in Moscow under the M1A brand.

By the Order No.494 of the Ministry of automotive industry of the USSR dated July 12, 1951 the production of M1A was transferred from Moscow to the Minsk Motorcycle and Bicycle Plant (MMVZ, then Motovelo).

M1A became the basis of simple and reliable classic Minsk models, the history of which continues to this day.


Minsk motorcycles rapidly gaining popularity both in the USSR and in foreign markets. They has been delivered to the 45 countries, and the total number exceeded 6.5 million.

From the early years the Minsk brand has been actively involved in motorsport, especially in motocross and circuit racing. Minsk-Pamir (1969) and Brest-Vladivostok (1971) rallyes became the Iconic milestone in the Minsk brand history.

By the early 90s the motorcycle production was brought to 220,000 units per year. In 1999, the Minsk brand recieved the Arch of Europe award for the approval on the international market.


In 2007 Motovelo became the private company. New state-of-the-industry models go into production. Unveled MINSK logo echoes the name of the first motorcycle.

Today, the factory can boast a full production cycle and it's own R&D center.

Another milestone of the brand was the Brest-Dushanbe 10,000 km rally organized in cooperation with the CSTO and run in 2013 by three MINSK TRX 300. In 2014 М1NSK recieved People's brand Award in Belarus.

MINSK is the only mass motorcycle brand on the today's market which has the State quality mark of the USSR.